We here at Cedar have noticed an increase in the number of jobs specifying they would like EPDM roofing. This was previously just for smaller projects but we are now experiencing these requests on all manner of roofing jobs from projects such as outhouses, garages and extensions. Roofing and knowing its condition can be one of the most daunting aspects of house renovations due to its inherent difficulty to inspect without having the ability to get on the roof and the stress this can cause homeowners.

For all jobs we undertake we ensure that the roofing material is extremely durable as we know that the better the material the less stress it causes over its lifespan. Given the swings in Edinburgh and Scotland’s climate having a roof covering that can cope with changes in temperature over many years is of paramount importance.

EPDM roofing allows for a sleek, durable and low maintenance roof covering that is often the go to choice when constructing an additional roofing space that is flat or on a smaller pitch than a traditional roof.

Advantages of EPDM

  • Long life: EPDM roofs, with minimal upkeep, have an expected lifespan of upwards of 25 years with reported lifespans of over 50 years.
  • Eco-friendly: In the age we are in we all have a duty to be conscious of the materials that we use on our buildings and EPDM is a great material due to it being made of recycled material and fully recyclable when its lifespan comes to an end.
  • Low cost: EPDM is one of the cheaper roof coverings to decide to go ahead with for your building project due to it being a standalone system instead of a multi-faceted system. With the average price per square metre for EPDM being around £70, it presents an affordable choice to complete your projects.
  • Water resistant: One of the most important aspects of any roof, especially in Edinburgh and Scotland, is the ability to prevent any moisture ingress from occurring. Cedar’s attention to detail while installing all our roofing assures that even the heaviest rain will not penetrate into your building.
  • Low maintenance: The beauty of EPDM roofing is how little effort it takes to maintain once it is in place. The most maintenance that is usually required is just to give the roof a hose down and keep any loose debris off the roof

If you are interested in an EPDM roof after reading this, get in contact with our team to talk through your project and see how Cedar Developments can help you

Kind regards,
Managing Director
Cedar Developments